jaspe oven mitt

jaspe oven mitt


What baker couldn’t use a colorful oven mitt?  Made from traditional upcycled jaspe fabric, they are practical and handsome all in one.  These mitts are also custom designed for ixöq and have a smaller, more comfortable, fit than many standard oversized oven mitts. Make it a set, and buy a matching potholder as well.  

Machine washable and dryer safe.

Made for ixöq by Manos Cruceñas, the artesinia program of Amigos de Santa Cruz in the village of Santa Cruz la Laguna. Each purchase further supports these women, their families and their future.

This ixöq product is made from upcycled jaspe ("haspeh"), a traditional textile woven on a pedal loom. Jaspe includes intricate patterns of different colors centered around one primary color. This results in a variety of designs that for ixöq are grouped into five primary color-classes: brown; turquoise/green; blue; pink/orange and multi-color. The product you receive may vary slightly from that shown in the photo but will fall within the selected class.

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